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All products featured here have been found to help boost the dreamy vacation experience of our Clients and expert Advisors alike.

An all-inclusive charging station for travel advisors with an apple watch and other devices. by Chasing the Sun Vacations

Portable 3 in 1 wireless device charger. Easily charge all your mobile devices in one spot space saving design, perfect for a tight cruise cabin or in luggage for treking the globe. 

Soft Travel Flask Bag. This soft bag flask holds a FULL 750ml bottle in each flask. perfect for traveling without the worry of breaking a bottle in your suitcase. 

Cruise Ship safe wall power distribution with USB.  We ALL have needed more power plugs in our cruise cabin. Unfortunately your options limited since you cant have a surge protector on board. THIS solves that issue

Magnetic Cruise Cabin Wall Hooks. These are always useful to gain a little more storage options in your all metal wall cruise ship cabin. SImply stick ANYWHERE and hang your items

Motion Sickness Patches. These patches are great in preventing motion sickness while cruising. 

Barely there water socks. These water socks will protect your feet while still allowing you to enjoy the water. 

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A travel agent's all-inclusive beach recommendation: A white sand beach with clear blue water. by Chasing the Sun Vacations