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Stay an Extra Day

Sip On This

Protect Your Fun

Always arrive a day early for a cruise you have to fly to get to!!!

Staying in a hotel the night before a cruise is a small price to pay for peace of mind! You are about to be on Vacation why start it off under the stress of having to fly navigate and airport and HOPE your bage make it too. Staying in a hotel the night before allows you a travel day to account for delays, cancellations ect. Remember THE SHIP WAITS FOR NOONE!

Elevate your drink experience!

When you first get on the ship and decide it’s time for a drink pick a bar based on the bartender that looks the friendliestBelly up to the bar and spark up a conversation. Find out about his/her experiences and life. They typically have amazing stories. ask thewn to make their favorite drink ( they will typically make these with the best liquors available to ensure you like their choice). once you have had your fill….TIP WELL in CASH right then and there. Next find out his/her work schedule and which bar they will be at. The next time you show up they will give top notch service and pour them strong!

Do I need travel insurance?

Shirt answer… YES! will you need it hopefully not but you will sleep much easier knowing your investment is protected should something happen. Much like your home insurance, we all pay it but dont EVER plan to use it. Until the unthinkable happens and you weill be glad it is there. Travel Insurance costs are quite reasonable and there are a few options to choose from. 

Did you know that there is a travel insurance plan that covers any trip for a year (think susscription type coverage). If you travel alot this might be the best option as it covers you for anything travel related for the year. ASK ME ABOUT IT!

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